IFFBoston 2015 Documentary Features (All The Links)

iffboston-2015-logoThe Independent Film Festival of Boston is one of the best fests in the WORLD!
Make sure to clear your calendar for the week of April 22- April 29.

Check here for the IFFBoston 2015 Narrative Features (All The Links)

61-Bullets_poster61 BULLETS directed by David Modigliani & Louisiana Kreutz

Senator Huey Long and his alleged assassin Dr. Carl Weiss die in a hail of bullets. 79 years later, their families search for closure.

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Fri. 4/24 – 9:30pm – Somerville Theatre – East Coast Premiere!

Sun. 4/26 – 3:00pm – Somerville Theatre

The-Amina-Profile_posterTHE AMINA PROFILE directed by Sophie Deraspe

Amina Arraf became a star blogger when her online Montreal girlfriend encouraged her to launch A Gay Girl in Damascus. The global hunt that ensued after Arraf was kidnapped when Syria entered the Arab Spring in 2011 leads to a shocking truth, and a commentary on identity in the Information Age.

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Thu. 4/23 – 7:00pm – UMass – New England Premiere!

angkors-children_photoANGKOR’S CHILDREN directed by Lauren Shaw

Cambodia’s cultural and artistic renaissance told through the voices of three young women.

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Fri. 4/24 – 7:15pm – Somerville Theatre – New England Premiere!

barge-posterBARGE directed by Ben Powell

Misfits on dry land find purpose and direction 28 days at a time as the crew of a towboat headed for New Orleans.

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Sun. 4/26 – 12:45pm – Somerville Theatre – New England Premiere!

being-evel_posterBEING EVEL directed by Daniel Junge

The real story behind the myth of American icon Robert “Evel” Knievel.

IMDB | Twitter | Sundance: Meet The Artist

Thu. 4/23 – 7:30pm – Somerville Theatre – New England Premiere!

best-of-enemies_posterBEST OF ENEMIES directed by Robert Gordon & Morgan Neville

Chronicles the 1968 televised debates between liberal Gore Vidal and conservative William F. Buckley Jr.

Official Site | IMDB | Facebook | TwitterScene

Sat. 4/25 – 4:30pm – Brattle Theatre – New England Premiere!

TheBlackPanthers_OfficialPoster_WebTHE BLACK PANTHERS: VANGUARD OF THE REVOLUTION directed by Stanley Nelson

An exploration of the history and impact of the controversial Black Panther Party.

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Mon. 4/27 – 7:00pm – Brattle Theatre – New England Premiere!

bounce-posterBOUNCE: HOW THE BALL TAUGHT THE WORLD directed by Jerome Thelia

A journey across continents and centuries to explore our universal obsession with the ball.

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Sun. 4/26 – 3:30pm – Somerville Theatre – East Coast Premiere!

call-me-lucky_posterCALL ME LUCKY directed by Bobcat Goldthwait

Barry Crimmins was a volatile but brilliant comic who became an honored peace activist and influential political satirist. Famous comedians and others build a picture of a man who underwent an incredible transformation.

Official Site | IMDB | Facebook | Twitter | Bobcat on Barry

Sat. 4/25 – 7:00pm – Somerville Theatre  – New England Premiere!

Director Bobcat Goldthwait and Subject Barry Crimmins will appear in person!

cartel_land-posterCARTEL LAND directed by Matthew Heineman

A harrowing look at two vigilante groups taking on murderous drug cartels in Mexico.

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Mon. 4/27 – 7:00pm – Somerville Theatre – New England Premiere!

chinese-mayor_posterTHE CHINESE MAYOR directed by Hao Zhou

Controversial Mayor Geng Yanbo is demolishing one of the world’s dirtiest cities to recreate its glorious past.

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Sun. 4/26 – 1:00pm – Brattle Theatre – New England Premiere!

CircusWithoutBorders-posterCIRCUS WITHOUT BORDERS directed by Susan Gray

The inspiring story of two youth circuses from remote corners of the world

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Sat. 4/25 – 2:00pm – Brattle Theatre – WORLD Premiere!

cityofgold-posterCITY OF GOLD directed by Laura Gabbert

Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Jonathan Gold’s culinary odyssey of his hometown Los Angeles.

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Sat. 4/25 – 3:00pm – Somerville Theatre – New England Premiere!

do-i-sound-gay_bannerDO I SOUND GAY? directed by David Thorpe

A personal exploration of the stereotype of the “gay voice” and its impact.

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Fri. 4/24 – 7:00pm – Somerville Theatre – New England Premiere!

dwarves-kingdom-posterDWARVES KINGDOM directed by Matthew Salton

The compelling story of a theme park featuring performances by little people (with dwarfism) who live in a fantasy recreation of a magical empire.

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Thu. 4/23 – 9:45pm – Somerville Theatre  – New England Premiere!

finders-keepers_posterFINDERS KEEPERS directed by Bryan Carberry & J. Clay Tweel

A true story of fame, addiction and a custody battle over a man’s leg.

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Thu. 4/23 – 7:00pm – Somerville Theatre – New England Premiere!

Sun. 4/26 – 6:00pm – Somerville Theatre

future-shock-bannerFUTURE SHOCK! THE STORY OF 2000AD directed by Paul Goodwin

The anarchic history of 2000AD, the British science-fiction comic that unleashed Judge Dredd into the world.

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Mon. 4/27 – 9:45pm – Somerville Theatre – Boston Premiere!

the-great-alone_posterTHE GREAT ALONE directed by Greg Kohs

The inspiring comeback story of champion sled dog racer, Lance Mackey.

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Sat. 4/25 – 12:15pm – Somerville Theatre – Special Screening!

gtfo_bannerGTFO: Get The F&#% Out directed by Shannon Sun-Higginson

Investigates the prevalent misogyny in video game culture and questions the future of this 20 billion dollar industry.

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Sat. 4/25 – 3:00pm – Somerville Theatre – East Coast Premiere!

heaven-adores-you_posterHEAVEN ADORES YOU directed by Nickolas Rossi

An intimate, meditative inquiry into the life and music of Elliott Smith.

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Fri. 4/24 – 7:00pm – Brattle Theatre – New England Premiere!

hot-type_posterHOT TYPE: 150 YEARS OF THE NATION directed by Barbara Kopple

Barbara Kopple’s lastest film is a vivid look at America’s oldest continuously published weekly magazine.

IMDBIndieWire interview with Barbara Kopple

Fri. 4/24 – 7:00pm – UMass – New England Premiere!

i-am-what-i-playI AM WHAT I PLAY directed by Roger King

A documentary about the heyday of rock radio DJs, featuring Charles Laquidara, Meg Griffin, Pat O’Day, and David Marsden.

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Sun. 4/26 – 12:30pm – Somerville Theatre – WORLD Premiere!

in-transitIN TRANSIT directed by Albert Maysles, Lynn True, Nelson Walker, Ben Wu & David Usui

Journey into the hearts and minds of passengers aboard the Empire Builder, America’s busiest long-distance train route.

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Sun. 4/26 – 12:30pm – Somerville Theatre – New England Premiere!

iris_posterIRIS directed by Albert Maysles

A vibrant portrait of the legendary, flamboyant 93-year-old style maven Iris Apfel by Albert Maysles.

Official Site & Trailer | IMDB | Facebook

Sat. 4/25 – 7:15pm – Somerville Theatre – New England Premiere!

king-georges_flyerKING GEORGES directed by Erika Frankel

Renowned French chef Georges Perrier runs Le Bec-Fin, arguably the finest French restaurant in the US. Can he adapt his cuisine to America’s ever-evolving tastes?

Official Site | IMDB | Facebook | Twitter

Sun. 4/26 – 5:45pm – Somerville Theatre – New England Premiere!

the_look_of_silenceTHE LOOK OF SILENCE directed by Joshua Oppenheimer

Joshua Oppenheimer’s powerful companion piece to the Oscar-nominated THE ACT OF KILLING (IFFBoston 2013).

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Sun. 4/26 – 6:00pm – Brattle Theatre – New England Premiere!

lost-conquestLOST CONQUEST directed by Mike Scholtz

Vikings invade America in the motion picture event of 1000 A.D.

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Sat. 4/25 – 5:15pm – Somerville Theatre – WORLD Premiere!

love-beneath-the-coversLOVE BETWEEN THE COVERS directed by Laurie Kahn

Pulling back the covers on the billion dollar romance novel industry

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Thu. 4/23 – 7:15pm – Somerville Theatre

made-in-japan-posterMADE IN JAPAN directed by Josh Bishop

The remarkable story of Tomi Fujiyama, the world’s first Japanese country music superstar, and her dream to play the Grand Ole Opry again.

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Sun. 4/26 – 3:15pm – Somerville Theatre – Massachusetts Premiere!

morphine-posterMORPHINE JOURNEY OF DREAMS directed by Mark Shuman

The band Morphine blazed like a comet across the global music scene in the 1990s with its innovative “Low Rock” sound. Fronted by two-string bassist/vocalist/songwriter Mark Sandman, the trio rose from local Boston clubs to indie and major label record deals, international touring, and wide critical acclaim until their tragic and untimely demise in 1999. In MORPHINE: JOURNEY OF DREAMS, the group’s surviving members and associates tell their story intercut with passages from saxophonist Dana Colley’s vivid tour journals. Rare live performances from throughout their career woven into the story display why their unique and mesmeric sound continues to resonate with music lovers today. This artfullydelivered documentary doesn’t just get behind but rather inside the music and the soul of the group to honor Morphine’s notable artistic achievements and the creative bond the musicians shared.

Official Site | IMDB | Facebook | Twitter | Trailer

Sat. 4/25 – 7:15pm – Brattle Theatre – Boston Premiere!

the-primary-instinctTHE PRIMARY INSTINCT directed by David Chen

You may not know Stephen Tobolowsky’s name, but you’ve seen him in countless movies and television shows. Maybe the hardest-working character actor in show business today, Tobolowsky has been the “Hey, it’s that guy!” scene stealer in everything from MISSISIPPI BURNING to GROUNDHOG DAY, from Deadwood to Glee. What you also may not know about Stephen Tobolowsky is that he happens to be a phenomenal storyteller, famed for spinning long, autobiographical yarns that were the secret highlight of Hollywood parties and backstage gatherings for decades.

In 2009, he started a massively popular podcast, The Tobolowsky Files, which was picked up by Public Radio International in 2012. Tobolowsky’s long-form, richly detailed tales from a life in the arts weave in topics ranging from his Texas childhood to the forefront of scientific research. They are rich with humor and hard-learned life lessons, making the personal universal.

Hearing Tobolowsky’s stories is one thing; watching him live is entirely another. (Just ask IFFBoston patrons who attended his benefit performance at the Coolidge Corner Theatre in February 2012.) THE PRIMARY INSTINCT was filmed last year at Seattle’s historic Moore Theatre. Directed by Tobolowsky Files cohost David Chen, the film harkens back to Spalding Gray’s SWIMMING TO CAMBODIA, documenting a singular artist at the peak of his powers. It’s Tobolowsky’s most expansive and most deeply moving tale yet—all about love, loss, and the way we tell stories to make sense of our lives.

Official Site | IMDB | Twitter | Teaser

Sun. 4/26 – 7:30pm – Somerville Theatre

Director David Chen and Subject Stephen Tobolowsky will appear in person.

rolling-papers-posterROLLING PAPERS directed by Mitch Dickman

An irreverent and incisive year-one look at the emerging world of cannabis legalization through the eyes of the world’s first marijuana editor at The Denver Post.

Official Site | IMDB | Facebook | Twitter | Intro

Sun. 4/26 – 8:15pm – Somerville Theatre

Stray_Dog-posterSTRAY DOG directed by Debra Granik

A contemplative portrait of Ron “Stray Dog” Hall: biker, Vietnam Vet, and lover of small dogs.

Official Site | IMDB | Facebook | Twitter | Trailer

Sat. 4/25 – 12:15pm – Somerville Theatre – Boston Premiere!

sunshine-supermanSUNSHINE SUPERMAN directed by Marah Strauch

A heart-racing portrait of Carl Boenish, the father of the BASE jumping movement.

Official Site & Trailer | IMDB | Facebook | Twitter

Sun. 4/26 – 8:45pm – Somerville Theatre – New England Premiere!

terror-banner(T)ERROR directed by Lyric R. Cabral & David Felix Sutcliffe

Unprecedented profile of a former revolutionary turned informant during an active counterterrorism sting operation.

Official Site | IMDB | Facebook | TwitterSundance: Meet The Artists

Thu. 4/23 – 9:15pm – Somerville Theatre – New England Premiere!

Mon. 4/27 – 9:30pm – Somerville Theatre


Explores the history and fandom surrounding the famously-reclusive art-band, iconic for their eyeball helmets and renowned for their anonymity.

Official Site | IMDB | Facebook | Twitter | Trailer

Sun. 4/26 – 8:45pm – Brattle Theatre – New England Premiere!

TopSpin_Walls360_posterTOP SPIN directed by Mina T. Son & Sara Newens

Three teenagers battle their way through the world of competitive ping pong.

Official Site | IMDB | Facebook | Twitter | Trailer

Fri. 4/24 – 7:00pm – Somerville Theatre – New England Premiere!

welcome-to-leith_posterWELCOME TO LEITH directed by Michael Beach Nichols & Christopher K. Walker

A white supremacist attempts to take over a small town in North Dakota.

Official Site | IMDB | Facebook | Twitter | Teaser

Sat. 4/25 – 4:45pm – Somerville Theatre – New England Premiere!

western-chad-birdonwire-web-poster-sundanceWESTERN directed by Bill Ross & Turner Ross

In Eagle Pass, Texas, where the U.S. and Mexico meet along the Rio Grande, a cattleman and the mayor face the looming specter of cartel violence.

Official Site | IMDB | Facebook | Twitter | Sundance: Meet The Artists | While Making WESTERN

Sat. 4/25 – 5:00pm – Somerville Theatre – New England Premiere!

the-wolfpack-exclusive-posterTHE WOLFPACK directed by Crystal Moselle

The isolated Angulo brothers meticulously recreate films using elaborate homemade props and costumes.

Official Site | IMDB | Facebook | Twitter | Sundance: Meet The ArtistThe Wolfpack Does The Grand Budapest Hotel

Tues. 4/28 – 9:45pm – Coolidge Corner Theatre – New England Premiere!

TYWTAL5-smallTHE YEAR WE THOUGHT ABOUT LOVE directed by Ellen Brodsky

A behind-the-scenes look at the Boston-based True Colors: Out Youth Theatre.

Official Site | IMDB | Facebook | Twitter | Trailer

Sat. 4/25 – 12:00pm – Somerville Theatre 

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